General Information

What is the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206?

Newly launched in September, 2020, powder-free intraoral scanner DL206 is a much smaller and lighter version with superior accuracy.

What is the difference between DL-206 and DL-206P?

DL-206P is potable version of ios (without computer), DL-206 is integrated with computer inside.

Does the DL-206 and DL-206P use the same software?

Yes, they use the same software.

Can I stall third party Apps on the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206?

Not suggested, the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 is a regulated medical device and has not been tested with third party software. Anti-virus software is not compatible with our software.


What can I do with a Launca intraoral scanner DL-206?

Generally, the Launca DL-206 covers the range of indications: restorative cases, crowns and bridges, screw retained crowns, Inlays and onlays, post and core, veneers and DSD, abutments, implant bridges and bars, full and partial dentures, sleep applications, indirect bonding and clear aligners.

Can I use the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 for orthodontic cases?

Yes. With high full jaw accuracy, you can send open STL or PLY files to clear aligner manufacturers who accept this industry-standard file format.

Can I scan a scan locator or healing abutment to construct a custom implant abutment?

Yes. As an open, accurate system, doctors can capture digital impressions of implant scan bodies and abutments to digitally restore single- and multiple-unit implants and implant bridges.

Open Connections

Is the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 a closed system?

No. The Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 is an open system—open to materials, labs, chairside milling systems and any other system that accepts open STL or PLY files.

If I purchase a Launca intraoral scanner DL-206, Can I work with my lab?

Yes, you can easily send them digital impression files directly by mail or cloud  to transfer.

What is an open STL file?

An open STL file is a common file format used for saving three-dimensional objects. It is a standard three-dimensional (3D) format used in digital dentistry, especially CAD/CAM equipment.

How do doctors export STL files with Launca intraoral scanner DL-206?

After intraoral scan, you can send STL file or PLY file to any third-party provider that

accepts open STL files or PLY files.


How much does the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 cost?

Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 is inexpensive intraoral scanner with low maintenance cost-totally open system, no annual subscription fee, clinical proven mature and stable system. Please contact LAUNCA MEDICAL sales representative or dealer for more details.

How can I purchase a Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 in my country?

The Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 is sold in your country through the authorized distributors, If you can’t find our local distributor, please send enquiry to our mailbox: efax@launcamedical.com, you will get response in first time.

How do I order mounting accessories for the laptop version DL-206P?

Many mounting options can be ordered directly from Launca authorized channel partners, or you can buy from your own supplement channels.

What is included in the warranty?

The Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 and accessories included with the purchase are warrantied for 27 months from the date of delivery. Misuse such as screen breakage is not covered. The screen was designed such that when used under normal conditions screen cracks are minimized.

Is there a extended warranty?

Yes, an extended warranty is available. The service agreement/extended warranty includes  spare parts, online service, and shipping cost.

Who do I call if I have questions (or need additional training)?

You may contact local authorized distributors preferentially, or you may contact Launca Customer service center by calling or email to: service@launcamedical.com

Will Launca authorized channel partners provide setup and installation support?

It depends, It is not necessary to have an on-site setup and installation. A Setup and Installation Guide is provided with each Launca intraoral scanner DL-206, Channel partners is available to assist with installation, if necessary.

Is the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 equipped with TeamViewer so that the Launca service center can provide remote access for troubleshooting?

Yes, the Launca intraoral scanner is equipped with TeamViewer to assist customers with troubleshooting the system.

If I have a Launca intraoral scanner DL-206, How do I get software updates and upgrades?

Software upgrades and updates are provided by Launca channel partners with no additional cost.

What training is provided with the purchase of Launca intraoral scanner DL-206?

Launca channel partners will provide 1-2 days of training for customers who purchase a Launca intraoral scanner.

In general, the training includes:

1. Product knowledge learning, including product info, specification and etc.;

2. Basic scan skills, scan path;

3. scanning practice on teeth model;

4. Intraoral scan practice;

5. Maintenance tips.

Technical Capabilities Features and Benefits

What is Launca intraoral scanning technology?

Launca’s 3D imaging techniques falls into the triangulation category.

What do I get when I purchase a Launca intraoral scanner DL-206?

For portable type (DL206P):

• One scanner

• One camera adapter (a power box and USB cable)

• Three tips

• Scan App and Management App(software) and user documents

• One holder

• One dongle

For cart type (DL206):

• One scanner

• One cart with 21" multi-touch screen

• Three tips

• Scan App and Management App(software) and user documents

Will the DL-206 scanner be compatible with both Windows and Mac systems?

The DL-206 intraoral scanner is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10&7. It is not compatible with Mac operating systems or previous versions of Microsoft Windows. Additionally, the PC must meet the PC minimum requirements to run at optimal high-speed.  GPU I7 series, RAM 16GB,GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, and 2 USB ports (at least one USB3.0).

Is the DL-206 acquisition software stand-alone?

No, the DL-206 acquisition software is not stand-alone; it must be installed with Launca Management software.

What are the sizes of the export files for full-arch scans?

.STL files are approx. 50 mb for a full-arch scan.

.PLY files are approx. 50 mb for a full-arch scan.

What is the accuracy of Launca intraoral scanner DL-206?

The Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 with 20μm bridge scan accuracy and 60μm full arch scan accuracy.

Can the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 “see” through tissue, blood, and saliva?

No digital impression system on the market can see through tissue or fluid. All require proper retraction and isolation in order to capture images. Clinicians may choose from a variety of products and your clinical digital specialist and/or clinical trainer will be able to provide guidance on which products may best suit your practice and technique.

Can Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 be disinfected?

Yes, the handpiece can be disinfected by wiping it with commercially available disinfectants. Excessive disinfectants and residues should be removed. The tips can be sterilized in autoclave way for 40 times.

Can the Launca scan tip to be sterilized by cold sterilization agency?

Yes, the scan tip outer shell is made of High temperature-resistant polycarbonate, so there is no corrosion influence by cold sterilization agents such as peracetic acid.

Does the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 need periodic field calibration or factory calibration?

No need periodic calibration. Benefit from no electric motor & LED light source scanning handpiece design, there almost no scan accuracy decrease with time by optical components’ accumulative position change or light source energy decaying.

How can I check the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 is real-time video scan?

You can always find that there is no imaging delay between what you are scanning and what the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206 is imaging.

What is the working distance of the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206?

The scan depth of DL-206 is -2mm - +18mm and the field of view (FOV) is 15.5 x 11mm, DL-206 will bring you unique large space of in-mouth handpiece operation.

How long does it take to do single arch scan with the Launca intraoral scanner DL-206?

1 minute.