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Launca DL-100P Intraoral Scanner

Launca DL-100P has laid the foundation for the success of digital diagnosis and treatment based on its rapid and accurate impression technology. it bring the comfortable restoration experience to both dentists and patients with the reliability, easy operation and accurate impression.


More accurate

3D digital impression with true colour
The cutting-edge multi-channel true color 3d imaging technology guarantees high intraoral scanning accuracy. The ergonomic handheld scanning handpiece makes it so easy to hover in the mouth. Its open STL file export supports a variety of design and milling platforms.

Higher accuracy with a light spray
A thin layer of powder spray can significantly speed up the scanning and enhance the data accuracy. The light spray application does not cover the true color of the gum and teeth, nor does it harm the patients.


Real time video capture and 3D reconstruction
Real time video capture and simultaneous 3D reconstruction provides you instant scanning feedback.

Quick scan recovery

Video-based scan can be interrupted in a digital impression system due to loss of scanning handpiece position, and resuming the continuous scan is always troublesome in the mouth. With DL-100P, the user can simply place the scanning handpiece to any scanned area to resume the scan.


Easily movable+ Seamless third-party platform connection + Open data format

A fashionable cart makes it easy to move in the clinic. Open STL data export facilitates a smooth transfer to any third-party CAD/CAM platform via internet built-in USB ports.

High definition 3D digital model for effective communication
Taking advantage of the high definition 3D digital models and pictures saved after each scan, dentists can communicate more effectively with patients about diagnosis and therapy.

Enhanced clinical experience

Dentist experience
​Save time and cost

Easy impression process
​High quality clinical results

Patient experience

More comfortable and hygienic dental experience
Higher satisfaction rate