Full crown restoration at 11, 12
Cases Study
Jun 02, 21
Dentist Sa


Radbound University Ph.D.

International Association for Dental Research IADR member



Case Introduction

Project: Maxillary central incisor trauma 10 years

Solution: Full crown restoration at 11, 12 by Launca digital solution


3d impression


digital dental treatment

Before restoration


digital impression

Intraoral mock-up


Launca intraoral scanner

Dentist Sa

 Tooth preparation


Launca intraoral scanner

Temporary crown 


digital impressiondigital dental treatment

Digital data by Launca DL-206


Dentist Sa


Dentist Sa

Restoration completed


Launca intraoral scanner

Prosthesis trial


Launca intraoral scanner

Cementation completed


Launca intraoral scannerLaunca intraoral scanner



Finally Dr.Sa has completed the whole case with the help of Launca. We truly hope Launca can bring the digitalization to the whole world.