Crown restoration from Dr. Wei
Cases Study
May 21, 21

With the application of digital technology in clinical practice, its comfortable diagnosis and
treatment experience are favored by patients and dentists.
Today, we will share a case of digital all-ceramic crown restoration of the second premolar after
root canal treatment, which was provided by Dr. Wei Jian of Tongji Medical College&Huazhong
University of Science and Technology using Launca DL-206P intraoral 3d scanner


Dentist Wei

Dr. Wei Jian


The patient's left upper and posterior teeth were defective for several
months. After the root canal treatment was completed, the defective teeth
were to be restored.


All-ceramic crown restoration by using Launca digital solutions.



1. Removing the temporary sealing of the root canal treatment to check
the status of dental defects.


digital dental treatment



2. Tooth preparation
Initial preparation of intraoral teeth, resin restoration of abutment integrity.




3. By using Launca DL-206 intraoral scanner to obtain clear intraoral impression


digital impression



Use occlusion analysis function to detect preparation space


digital impression



4. CAD/CAM design


digital impressiondigital dental treatment



5. Trial seat in mouth after chair-side grinding
After chair-side grinding, crown being seated, the edge, adjacency and occlusion are all perfect.


digital dental treatment


After sintering, the restoration
had good color, high edge tightness and no residual cement.


digital dental treatment